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Shoreline Mafia + Gametime Burning Down GTA V With The Stoolies LIVE On Twitch

Watch Shoreline Mafia BURNS DOWN Los Santos @StoolGametime PS4 from Barstoolsports on

YBN Smitty is about to get a whole new groove with the dudes from Shoreline Mafia coming in this afternoon. We’ll be popping on GTA V for some playlist + Barstool Crew action and god willing getting Poppa Smitty crunk off some lean as well…

Join the Twitch chat above to ask these crazy kids whatever you darn please and join our Rockstar social club to play along with us here

We’ll be cranking up our Los Santos mischief over the next few weeks heading into the summer and we’ll certainly be needing a GTA General to lead us at some point. And manhunts. Manhunts are going to be coming back in a BIG way folks. Pray for YBN Mafia Smitty.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 1.02.26 PM

Shoreline Mafia kicks off their tour tomorrow in Brooklyn.. Get tickets here