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Reporter: "Do You Deserve The Nobel Prize?" Trump: "Everyone Thinks So"

I’ve said for years now, if you can’t admit Trump is funny then you’re an asshole. Guy’s hilarious. “Everyone thinks so…….. but I would never say it” as he just says it. What a ridiculously perfect answer. Kings stay kings and Trump is the KING of the “well I would never say…” and then he just fucking says it move. That was honestly a staple of his campaign. Been one of his go-to PR strategies his entire political career. It’s exactly like Dave’s move “the old Dave would have said” and then just saying that. Identical. Never ceases to amaze me how identical those two are. Both with incomprehensibly silly yet extremely successful tactics. Truly amazing.

The whole clip’s gold.

“Victory for the world”

Is this a beauty pageant or a POTUS presser?

“Everything can be scuttled, everything can be scuttled.”


“Lot of things can happen. Lot of good things can happen, lot of bad things can happen.”

Okay now you’re not even saying anything. This shouldn’t count as words that were said.

Guy’s just the best. Always delivers.