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Homeless Dude Disappears Underground Into The NYC Sewer

CLINK! Mole Man slinking away underground to head back home to the tunnels is one of the funniest and creepiest things this city has to offer. The Mole People are one of the most fascinating subplots in Manhattan. And intricate world of derelicts and tunnels beneath Grand Central. Like the lost city of Atlantis except its just bums fucking each other in the dark doing heroin and meth and shit.

I’d like to think that he came up to the surface to do a bit of shopping. Maybe grab himself a bottle of Cisco. Score some K2. Soak in a little Vitamin D here and there from the sun. And then, POOF. See ya! Disappear underground into the subterranean society of underground city dwellers. This guy is probably like a God amongst the Mole Men and Women. Hes like Blade. Day Walker of the Mole People. Probably wields the most power and commands the most respect. Gets to pick which hobo women he wants to fuck in the dark. He gets his fill of bum wine and synthetic drugs. He lives inside the finest tunnels. He’s the mightiest mole man in New York City. The Pennywise of Bums. The Splinter of Hobos. The Sewers belong to him, and him alone.