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Swish, Swish, Bish: MotoGP Champion Marc Marquez Flosses All Over The Haters

Shout-out to anyone who ever tried to ride their bicycle downhill hands-free & got their shoelace stuck in a spoke, flipped, & tore a bunch of ligaments in their left leg in front of all the other neighborhood kids. (Just me?)

Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle road racer, Marc Márquez Alentà, puts all of us uncoordinated folks to shame. At only 25 years old he’s a GOAT of the racing world with 6 Grand Prix world championships, four of which are in the premier MotoGP class. On Sunday he won the Spanish Grand Prix and wasn’t afraid to do a little showboatin’.

He’s had several near misses, like this race where he slipped on rocks and barely made it out of the turn.

And has survived his fair share of crashes, including the fastest MotoGP crash in history at 209.9 MPH when he was 20 years old. He actually walked away from it unscathed because of an airbag-equipped Alpinestars TechAir suit that recorded all the data of his crash that you can see here.

His fearless moves have also caused some controversial crashes that have some older racers pissed. In an interview with, American racer Kevin Schwantz, 53, was asked what he’d say to Márquez:

“Calm the f*** down. He doesn’t have to do every lap where he’s pushing the front, sliding the back, almost crashing, just about saving it.

Smooth is fast, not ragged. Almost crashing all the time is what leads to you running into people.

He needs to rethink his outlook. We know he’s a great talent, we know he’s fast, and if he could ever learn to be smooth and fast, I think he’d be amazed how quick he could be.”

They don’t like him because he’s dangerous.

But Márquez is just a young whippersnapper and he can’t be stopped.

Keep flossin’ on ‘em. Swish, swish, bish.