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Bazzi Came On Gametime For Some NBA 2k And Posterized My Pride Into Bolivian

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Bazzi stopped by Gametime last week and honestly I thought it was gonna be a 2k cakewalk. Dude pumps out vibin’ tunes for days no doubt but how could that angelic voice have a mean streak behind it? But oh how wrong I was.

And look I’m not going to sit here and make excuses, that would be mighty ugly of me. We both did the same standard team picking practice of 3 randoms plus 1 do or die pick, and although I ended up sitting pretty with Scary Terry and the Celtics… Bazzi went do or die and ended up with the LBJ All-Stars. But rules are rules and lucky for me everyone LeBron picked for that team actually perished, so it was really just superstar scraps I was going against.

HOWEVA much like the Celtics last night, I held tough through 3.5 quarters only to get annihilated into dust during the last 2 minutes. As it turns out, Anthony Davis is in fact REALLY good at virtual basketball. It does make sense as it’s one of the few environments where he can’t get injured for 28 games at a time. And my love for shooting contested 3’s like it’s going out of style certainly did not help. Not the greatest recipe for 2k success. Sidenote, I miss you so much Antoine Walker, wherever you are…

Shout out to Bazzi for mixing it up at Barstool HQ and best of luck to him on his brand spanking new summer tour. He did say they got gaming consoles loaded up on the bus so one day I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE!

The vibes will have to do till then. Check back on our Twitch tomorrow at 4 pm for some GTA V & Fortnite madness with Shoreline Mafia… Smitty on lean is all I need in this world.

Buy tickets for his COSMIC summer tour here