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Wake Up With Manny Being Manny

I mentioned this on twitter a few weeks back, but this is one of the most hilarious things I’ve seen on a baseball field. I remember watching SportsCenter and seeing this highlight, I was HOWLING. This was in the “Manny being Manny” phase where he was pissing in the Green Monster, wearing those Oakley glasses with the MP3 players in them, cutting off throws from center field, Manny was such a headache with the glove, but arguably a top 5 right handed hitter ever. Watching this guy in the field may have been more entertaining than watching him hit.

Former Oriole great, Kevin Millar laced what he thought was a double into the gap, but Ramirez actually made a nice catch, his momentum took him up the wall where he proceeded to attempt to give a one of the 34,000 Red Sox fans at Camden Yards a high five. But it doesn’t end there. He turns around and fires the ball back into the infield, ultimately ending in a double play because Aubrey Huff is a bum.

Just a hilarious act all around by one of the most entertaining ballplayers ever, no one ever had more fun playing baseball than Manny Ramirez.  Sure there was a chance he would disappear into the monster for an out or 2, but it’s okay, cuz it was just “Manny being Manny.” He got away with a lot more than regular players did, I think its just because he was just so awesome. Impossible not to like Manny. I also just looked this up and was stunned. Manny’s career high in home runs in a season was 45. I would have bet my live he’d have a 50 homer season, wow.


PS. People forget the last team Ramirez suited up for on a major league field was the Rays.