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What Is Your Ideal Foursome?

Nope, not that kinda foursome.

Full disclosure: When a caller called into Hi Haters a few nights ago to ask us this question, I believed he wanted us to break down our ideal sex foursome. I thought “quite a wild move, but hey! It’s late night radio!” I was wrong. Hand up, my mind was in the gutter.

The question: If you could pick three other people to play golf with, who would it be?

The rules: It has to be one athlete, one singer and one actor.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.26.33 PM

This conversation led Uncle Chaps and I down quite the rabbit hole on air. To be fair, most callers questions do. (PS: We love when the super stoned or people from Utah call in. 833-85-STOOL).

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.30.08 PM

Back to ideal foursomes. Do you go with the people who you know would be good at golf? Or with people you would have the most fun with? Or a mixture of both?

Because it was live radio, it had to be the first that came to mind. No time to overthink.

My answer: Justin Timberlake, Tiger Woods and Vince Vaughn.

You have a good mixture of humor, talent and a shit load of stories over some cold drinks on deck here. JT is a triple threat. I’m convinced there is no man on this planet that men and women alike love more than Justin Timberlake. Tiger brings legitimacy to the group, but could also tell some wild tales. And why wouldn’t I want Vince Vaughn there?!

Chaps’ answer: George W. Bush, Jack Nicklaus and Lil Tay.

Chaps on his decision…

“I really don’t give a fuck about Lil Tay but I think the granddad style reactions to Lil Tay’s foul language when she hits a mulligan-worthy shot could be an all time moment. The fellas are older and aren’t gonna put up with Lil Tay’s shit. The round would be stressful, full of history, and cause great stress about our future generations. Post millennials are dangerous. There’s no question about that.”

I don’t blame you on the W pick, Chaps. Some good time buddies of mine ran into him on a course in Maine a few summers ago and they say it was the best day of their lives.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.05.47 PM

Just look at those smiles!!!!!!!!!

Whatcha got, Stoolies?