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Far-Right Protester vs. Sign At An Immigration March Is The Heavyweight Championship Battle of the Year

Little background information here:  May Day in Seattle featured a protest against Trump’s immigration policies, the Border Wall, and “fascism” in general, which, of course, brought out the counter-protesters.  In this case, the “Proud Boys,” who are a far-right and totally not alt-right group that is sick and tired of these dang Mexicans taking their dang jobs.

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For the most part it was relatively peaceful, with the cops doing a great job of keeping the groups separate and letting everyone exercise their First Amendment rights.

The highlight?

Proud Boy but totally not Proud Boy Luke Mahler in a championship heavyweight title bout vs. an Anti-Fascist sign.

A knock em down, drag em out battle for the ages.

HEY SMUG COMMENTATORS: Luke isn’t mad.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  He’s actually laughing.

Oh and FYI dumbasses –

He’s not a Proud Boy or a Patriot Prayer.  Egg on your face for thinking the guy wearing a Patriot Prayer t-shirt at a Proud Boy rally was a Patriot Prayer or a Proud Boy.

“I have ADHD and Autism” talk about a motherfucking mic drop.

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So while I did laugh at the struggle to rip the sign apart, knowing what I know now, that he wasn’t even mad about it and also is autistic with attention deficit disorder, I have to name the winner Luke, by default.