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The Nats Are Having A Lot Of Fun With The Penguins "No Goal"

Washington Post - With the Pirates in town for a four-game series in the midst of the Capitals’ second round Stanley Cup playoff series against the Penguins, the Nationals are really leaning into the whole #BeatPittsburgh thing.

The Capitals took care of business on Sunday, beating the Penguins, 4-1, at Capital One Arena to even their series at one game apiece. Washington benefited from a pair of controversial calls in the win, including one midway through the third period when the Penguins thought they had cut the deficit to 3-2 on a goal by Patric Hornqvist. Officials didn’t signal a goal on the ice, and replay review didn’t provide conclusive evidence that the puck ever completely crossed the goal line.

The no-goal call stood, leaving the Penguins and their fans fuming. The Nationals had no intention of letting them forget it. Before Monday’s series opener, the Nationals tweeted a GIF of the official in Sunday’s Capitals-Penguins game signaling no goal, along with a troll-tastic discount offer on tickets. The deal? Lower-level tickets for $10.57. (Hornqvist’s no-goal came with 10:57 remaining in the third period.) The discount code? “NOGOAL.” That’s perfection.


I never blogged about the no-goal because if I blogged about every shot that didn’t go into the net I’d be here all day. Was clear as day not a goal, not even worth talking about.

But I guess Pens fans are all up in arms about it, so the Nats are using it to their advantage and it’s just wonderful.

Even the penguins agree there wasn’t a goal scored on the play:

Well said, @penguins. Tip o’ my cap for the integrity.

But negative infinity tips o’ my cap for trying to cuck me:

Obviously I was the first person to ever Tweet like this and the Penguins stole it from me and I will never forgive them.