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The Celtics Just Beat The Shit Out Of The Sixers To Take Game 1


That’s the Process? That’s what all the commotion has been about? If that’s the team people think is going to come out of the East, well then I feel even better. Make no mistake, the Celtics beat the shit out of the Sixers. A total and complete ass kicking. They reminded them that while they were busy sucking their own dick for beating the Miami Heat that the real competition was waiting for them. And to think all this without the services of Jaylen Brown, who’s only the leading scorer this playoffs. How embarrassing.

Al Horford put Embiid in a goddamn blender, Jayson Tatum outplayed Ben Simmons, and you’re going to have to tell me who plans on stopping Terry Rozier because that person does not exist on the Sixers roster. This looked like the Celtics team I saw all year. The one who played with great energy on both ends, and doesn’t make excuses. They just execute.

And hats off to Brad Stevens. His gameplan worked to a T, and he showed why he is so valuable. This series is far from over don’t get me wrong, but it feels great to put the Sixers back in their place.

More tomorrow, tonight we celebrate