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Cubs Win 5 In A Row, Beat Rockies 3-2, Takeover 1st Place

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.46.49 PMTonight’s W makes 5 in a row, 7 of 8 and 9 of 11. It also puts the Cubs in first place and on pace to win 100 games. Gun to my head, I’d call April a Success. I know there are 5 months of baseball left, but I also know the Cubs have lost just 3 games since April 14th. As I’ve said multiple times recently this team is clicking on all cylinders with or without the offense. Imagine when the bats get back going just try not to cum everywhere. The action is getting pretty hot. On to the notes:

Lester Looked Crafty (And Intimidating):

2 runs (non earned, Javy error) scattered through 5 2/3 is more-than-okay against an underperforming Rockies lineup. I’m sure there are at least a dozen pitches Lester would want back from this start, but overall you have to respect Lester’s consistency. He did exactly what the club needed to compete for a W and they got it. Overall I think Lester is walking more than usual but that’s a component of getting older and having to work around the zone more than directly in it. It’s hard to walk guys when you command 94. It’s completely different at 90. So I think we’re seeing a natural evolution and Lester will get better as the season goes. Also, nothing beats watching a very good pitcher in the 4th Quarter of his career.

Did Lester Drill Anyone?

Yeah and it was bullshit. So much so that I’d love to show you how much bullshit, but unfortunately, Major League Baseball won’t share content on a platform unless it charges you at least $10.99/month. AS SUCH I am limited in the #content I distribute in this blog, which is physically upsetting. Like I was pacing earlier. Physically pacing. Throw me a bone here MLB I’ve been waiting all night like a fuckin DOG to write this blog. Yet all you can do is firewall (big time IT word) your video-embed functionality. Fuckin firewalls. Newsflash, Major League Baseball and all your glory, you don’t firewall this guy. Not when the Cubs are hot. Not ever.

Newsflash #2, Albert Almora  F  U  C  K  S 

A wise man once said Albert Almora could win 7 gold gloves in one year and it’s not crazy if you think hard about it. He really is the most notable defensive centerfielder I can remember in recent memory. Like these plays just keep adding up each and every game. He’s commanding centerfield like the leader everyone kind of assumed he’d be based on all the scouting gossip. We were sold a leader and a playmaker and that’s exactly what we’re getting from Albert Almora. Goddamn that sentence feels good. I’m going to say it again. We were sold a leader and a playmaker and that’s exactly what we’re getting from Albert Almora. Theo you son of a bitch.

Daddy’s Home

Here’s some league sponsored video content no one can stop me from sharing. Kris Bryant’s first hit since coming back from having his face mashed in with a 96mph heater. That ball is absolutely shit on to left field. And yet somehow, someway, I imagine a moderately disappointed Kris Bryant sliding into 3rd base that he didn’t get enough lift and drive on the pitch. Something like that. Anyways, it’s a nice reminder after him being out for a week that he’s probably the best player our generation (millennial) will regularly watch in a Cubs uniform. So welcome back Kris. We most certainly missed you.

Wait give me more KB. Okay fine. 

Next Up

The Rockies thank God because the Cubs are overdue to kick some ass and I want the Rockies to be on the receiving end. It’s 5 in a row but honestly I feel like each game has been a playoff game. I need a preseason football game. I need 13-3 Cubs W. In the way for the Rockies is Jon Gray and his 5.94 ERA. Those unfamiliar with Gray should know he relies heavily on his slider, has zero fastball command and kinda looks like a hipster fucked Tormund Giantsbane:

Colorado Rockies v Washington NationalsCubs by a thousand.