The Mets First Real Test Of The Season Will Be The MRI Results On Yoenis Cespedes' Injured Thumb



Mother. Fucker. I’ve fought off the Chicken Littles of #MetsTwitter so far this year, which shouldn’t have been so hard to do considering the Mets are 17-9 after the first full month of the season. Yeah I know the bullpen had a few meltdowns, but the comebacks we loved during that quick start were also caused by a few five alarm blazes by other teams’ pens I have said that this Mets team had the talent, balls, and moxie to make the playoffs. The only thing that could stop them would be injuries. And losing Yo Cespedes to an injury would be one of the worst injuries this team could have, along with our two aces that I won’t name because I don’t want to put that into the universe. Yeah Yo hasn’t been hitting a ton. But when he does hit, it matters. He is 2nd in the National League in RBI and has come through with a ton of go-ahead and game-winning hits in the young season. I could live with Yo hovering at the Mendoza line if he kept knocking in those runs.


I know outfield is the one place the Mets have some depth right now. But to lose Yo’s clutch bat and cannon arm for a while would shake me to my core. And by the sound of things, that may be exactly what happens. I don’t know if it’s the Wilpons or Jay Horwitz that decides to keep the guillotine above Mets fans heads, but it seems like the news is always bad when that happens. Again, I’m not worried about the Mets yet. But to change the diagnosis of the biggest star in the lineup from out 3 days to out 3 months would feel like the same old Mets, which is a phrase I HATE hearing when trying to be the light side of the Mets fan force.

So fuck the early season games against the Nats or the Braves. Forget about the Familia blown save against the Cardinals (which was aided by bad defense but nobody likes to talk about that). The results of a 32-year-old Cuban’s thumb in some MRI machine in New York is the biggest test the Mets and my daily happiness will encounter so far this year.

I’ll be in HQ tomorrow, so myself and Your Boy KFC may be recording one hell of a Mets Therapy Session after The Baseball Maverick takes the podium in Flushing. To be honest, I don’t know what that sick fuck would prefer: Yo being healthy or being able to twist the knife inside my optimistic heart after hearing Yo is out until after the All-Star Break.

Also not for nothing, but this Cespedes gnome appears to be in some sort of Jobu like setup.

I don’t care who or what needs to be sacrificed for Yo’s thumb to get better, but it needs to be done RIGHT FUCKING NOW.