I Don't Know Why I'm Just Now Learning About Demolition Derby Soccer (Bonus Throwback When Feits And I Did Demolition Derby

Now this is some soccer America can dominate. I have no idea why I’m just finding out about this because I did a quick search and it looks like it’s been around for a couple of years. I need to play this. Someone find a way for me to play this. I love car crashes, I love soccer ( I own a soccer team if you didn’t know). This is a match made in heaven. Whoever runs this get at me. I’ll play goalie like an unathletic nerd, I don’t give a fuck. Get me some demolition derby soccer ASAP.

Little throwback video to when Feitelberg and I did demolition derby and I broke my ribs 2 seconds in after not knowing how to work my car. Fun times.

part 2