National Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet Day Twitter Is The Best Twitter

When I posted a tweet for National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day I should have had an umbrella ready, ’cause my mentions were raining cats and dogs. (And one snake. And I believe a couple gerbils.)

One of the recurring sentiments on the responses were how lucky people felt to have the pets they adopted, and how much happier they make life.

::Cue Sarah McLaughlin tunes::

According to estimates from the ASPCA:

  • -Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year
  • -Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized
  • -Approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year
  • Clearly it’s a big problem, so this is how it felt scrolling through the responses this afternoon knowing that all of these animals below got a second shot at a happy life:

    There were too many responses to share them all, and they were all great, but here’s just a few..

    Unwavering commitment to hating the mailman

    Long lost relatives?

    #TeamFlola repping the brand


    Big fan

    The squirrels were way worse off

    Gracie, so hot right now

    Sniffin’ balls & rugs and peein’ on pugs


    Snoopin’ in your poopin’

    I don’t know what to do with this information, but wow


    Squeak away, lil dude


    Don’t we all?


    Something, something, hot dog

    Bi-coastal diva


    Probably friends with the dog above ^^

    Bella doesn’t fuck around

    Heard there’s gonna be so many buttholes at this party, bro

    I know bro, and so many crotches


    Temptations Cat Treats, Not Even Once

    Bathing beauty

    Sweet, sweet retirement



    Let me know if you need any kitten mittons





    Hockey dog

    Champion dog

    Rocky dog

    Special Forces dog


    Typical Cam Newton

    West Virgina through & through

    A little bit older but still a rebel

    Senior pets also need love (and ice cream)


    Obviously ice cream for this one, too

    Ozzy living the life

    Sorry, what? Can’t hear you..


    and Lady Liberty



    Please allow this dog on the counter

    New hat goofin’

    Roll out

    Sometimes you just wanna crab walk

    When you see your girl dancing with someone else

    Pretty sure Dux can palm a basketball

    Jerry, King of the Couch

    Chip, Hog of the Couch

    Hostess with the mostess

    Prettier than me

    Who amongst us can judge…

    When your hair is perfectly gelled for the club & someone goes to jostle it

    A slightly friendlier Olive

    The Toucan Sam of dogs

    Free business idea:

    Best buds

    Oh, hi haters

    Who doesn’t love a good rock

    Slitherin’ into a DM near you

    The list could go on & on and maybe I’ll update it later if people are enjoying this. Even if you can’t take on the responsibility right now, there’s lots of ways you can help animals, like the awesome ones above (yes, even the one who somehow took that giant shit on the wall).