It’s Sad But Not Surprising That Scumbag Philly Fans Won’t Admit They’d Have No Chance If All the Celtics Weren’t Hurt


Listen this Celtics vs. Sixers series is gonna be a great series. The Sixers are a young exciting team. Embid and Simmons are both great players. Meanwhile the Celtics are the most exciting young team in the league. This is a rivalry that has a chance to be great for the next decade. But how about Sixers fans acting like this is a fair fight this time around? Umm the Celtics are not only without their best player but we are without our 2nd best player and now with Jalen Brown hurt we are without our 3rd best player. There is no team in the HISTORY of the NBA who could make it this far without their 3 best players. It just speaks to how talented and deep this Celtics roster is. And I still think the Celts can beat Philly if Brown comes back for game 2. But regardless it is disingenuous of Sixers fans to act like they’d have a chance if the Celts were healthy. They should just keep their mouths shut and happy that they are playing the Celtics with one hand tied behind our backs. Otherwise this series would be a bloodbath. But I’m sure that won’t stop scumbag Philly fans from talking all sorts of shit because it never does.   I guess that’s the difference between Boston and Philly though.   We have class and they don’t.