I Hate To Sound Like A Spoiled Brat But I Wish The Celtics and Bruins Weren’t Playing At the Same Time Tonight

bruinss cetls

Listen I know other cities don’t have to worry about the things that Boston sports fans have to worry about. I know that we are the only city in the world that has a team alive in both the NBA and NHL playoffs. I know that other cities are just happy to make the playoffs in 1 sport. But we aren’t any other city. We are the capital of the sports universe. And not to sound like a cry baby but it sucks that both the Bruins and Celtics are on at the same time tonight. Yeah I know that you can watch both, but I like to study each game. Pay close attention. And what if you go to the Celtics game? Then what? You can’t watch the Bruins? It just doesn’t seem fair. The commissioners of each sport should be ashamed of themselves for not figuring this out. Again I’d understand if multiple cities were in the same situation, but it’s not like any other city has these problems. It’s only us. It’s always only us. It just doesn’t seem fair that both our teams are playing at the same night.   I don’t expect other fans to cry for us, but I just want to point out that life isn’t all peaches and roses when all your teams are legit title contenders in every sport imaginable.