Will Jon Lester Retaliate Tonight Against The Colorado Rockies?

MLB: APR 22 Cubs at Rockies


We’ve been down this road half a dozen times the past week at barstool so this shouldn’t be news. Kris Bryant took 96 to the face last Sunday against the Rockies. It was an accident, they said. It just got away from him and just so happened to end up in KB’s mouth. Awful stuff. Still, Bryant passed his concussion tests, sat for a few games, got his feet back under him and now he’s back in the lineup presumably ready to keep the Cubs’ momentum going after taking 7 of their last 9. It’s all water under the bridge, right?

Probably not. My brain, gut, heart, mind, soul and whatever else you tap into to make a decision tells me there is no water under any bridge between these two teams. With Jon Lester starting tonight, it’s borderline inevitable something happens. Here’s my step-by-step analysis:

1. Does Someone Get Drilled

Hopefully. Not trying to be a hardo here, but facts are facts and KB had to sit 4 games over this bullshit, not to mention experience a career/life threatening event. I’m in the outcome business, and that outcome is complete fucking horseshit regardless of intent. German Marquez wanted to throw an inside fastball and he did. So let’s just agree that intent here is meaningless.

My question whether or not someone gets drilled is more about the fact that the Cubs are steaming hot right now. If someone gets drilled, it can’t be later when there’s a lead tonight or later in the series after it’s been decided. That’s pussy stuff and we can’t ignore Lester taking the mound. This guy doesn’t care about anything. It’s 100% up to him on whether it goes down tonight so I’m convinced he does based on his reputation. BUT, if he doesn’t, I think it’s purely from the standpoint of just wanting to shove a zero down their throats. Lester’s ego as a #1 though tells me he would drill multiple people tonight if he could and still pitch around the trouble.

2. When Does A Rockie Get Drilled?

Based on the above, it has to be either 1st or 2nd inning. You can’t wait until the 6th when you know you’re coming out in the bottom half of the inning. Lester has to do it soon, and almost challenge the Rockies to drill him later. That would be some shit. I think the fans would rush the field and stomp the entire Rockies team to death if that were to happen.

3. Which Rockie Gets Drilled?

I’m between Lemahieu and Nolan Arenado. Lemahieu because he leads off and that would definitely be some shit. And then Nolan for obvious reasons: he’s the captain/face of the team, he’s a raging psychopath, has already charged a mount and been suspended 5 games, and most closely resembles the significance KB holds to the Cubs. But again, Lemahieu is leading off and Lester strikes me as the guy who wants to send the message immediately. Should be interesting. Should.

Personally, I like a 90mph heater in Nolan’s ribs. I want it to be obvious. I want him to think about whether he should go after Lester again. I think that puts the Rockies in the worst spot, and that’s the whole point of retaliation. Make their best player sore for a couple days. Make him miserable that his flame throwing reliever doesn’t have better command. Make the entire team pissed off because KB got hit over an accident and how this is intentional wah wah wah. 

4. Closing Thoughts 

If you think the Cubs should move on from this and act like it’s not a big deal, I want to draw your attention to July 10, 2014 when Anthony Rizzo challenged the entire city of Cincinnati to a fight:

Theo Epstein would go on to say that, in his opinion, this was a defining moment for the team to let everyone know they’re not taking anyone else’s shit. In his opinion, it was a huge step forward for Rizzo and the franchise. That’s the philosophy of the man chiefly responsible for all things Chicago Cubs’ baseball. He sets the tone for how this team goes about its’ business and that tone is You Are The Best, Act Like It. Something tells me they won’t let this slide with Colorado now because it’s a chance to signal to every other team that if you go inside on KB (and the rest of our boys), you better not drill him in the face.


5. Final Odds

Lemahieu 1st Inning +300

Arenado 1st Inning +120

Lemahieu Any Inning +250

Arenado Any Inning -150

Any other Rockie +100

No Intentional HBP +130