How Bad Do You Want To Get On Base? Take One Square In The Chest Bad?

I love this kid. Laugh all you want, but there is a LOT to like here from a skill set perspective. First and foremost, he reacted to that pitch being on a direct line to his chest within seconds. Pitch recognition is HUGE. So many guys these days are up there guessing pitches, guessing location, swinging out of their asses and hoping for the best. This kid knew exactly what pitch that was and exactly where it was headed the second that it left the pitcher’s hand. You can’t teach that.

Second, he’s a player that you know is going to get on base at any cost. He literally had about ten Mississippi’s to get out of the way of that fastball, and guess what? He didn’t. You wanna hit me? Then hit me. But if you hit me, then I’m staying in the game, I’m taking that base, and when I do, I’m coming around to score. And when I score, I’m sliding into home plate the same way that I slide into your girlfriend’s DM’s, and that’s with the buffest swag you have ever seen, like an absolute savage.

So now, the only question here is which school calls first? Vanderbilt? Texas? Florida? LSU? Virginia? Time will tell. Also, this gotta be Happy Gilmore’s kid, right?