Netflix Auto-Playing Previews When You Stop Scrolling Is Just The Worst

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Have you fallen victim to this nonsense yet? I’m sure you have. Netflix has this new-ish feature where, if you stop for three seconds on a show as you’re scrolling, it’ll instantly start showing a preview for that show. I hate it. I tweeted about it on Saturday and everyone hates it. Sometimes I just wanna stop scrolling, collect my thoughts cause there’s so many options and then continue scrolling. The auto-play preview makes that impossible. Not to sound too dramatic but it makes my Netflix experience extremely stressful. It should be illegal is what it should be. I’m willing to go to law school and take this all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to.

Has any auto-play feature ever been a welcome addition to anything? Auto-play ads are the least liked thing on the internet and that includes Deadspin. Netflix is doing this on purpose, of course. It forces you to pick a show or a movie faster. It works to perfection. I have so much anxiety about waiting a half-second too long and a preview starting up that I pick something as quickly as possible.

I’m convinced Netflix loves using its subscribers for human experimentation. We’re all just rats in their little game. There’s gotta be a wing of Netflix devoted to creating features like this. I picture it being a dimly lit room with guys wearing white lab coats and dissected brains everywhere. It’s where they figure out things like cutting the “Next episode starts in….” time from 10 seconds to 5 seconds will make people binge 24.8% more. It’s where come up with the weirdly specific categories like TV Shows Where The Antagonist Sneezes Three Times And Eats A Bowl Of Chicken Gumbo Soup. And it’s where they came up with the godforsaken auto-play previews idea. It’s the worst. Stop it, Netflix. Stop it.

Netflix recommendation in blog shitting on Netflix

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Are you interested in cults? Are you interested in cults that build utopian cities in middle-of-fucking-nowhere Oregon? Are you interested in cults that build utopian cities in middle-of-fucking-nowhere Oregon and piss off the local residents? If you answered yes to any and/or all of those questions then this documentary is for you! Wild Wild Country is some crazy shit man. It’s one of those documentaries where the subject matter is so insane and so bizarre that you’ll be shocked you hadn’t heard about it before. That’s how I felt. It’s really good and really interesting. Full recommend.