Is Unzipping Your Pants To Let Your Dick Hit The Ground The Celebration Of The Future?

Pretty COCKY move here guys, amirite? We’re talkin’ dicks, folks.

This right here; this is what I’ve been talking about for years. To all the people who said that guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens would never get into the Hall of Fame, to the people who said that bat-flips would always result in a fastball to the ribs followed by a rant from Goose Gossage — the tide is turning.

With every passing year, the crusty old folks who hate fun, who hate celebrations, who can’t see past the fact that the Steroid Era was a thing, and that we should just appreciate the best of the best from those years, the younger, more forward thinking generation continues to infiltrate the sanctity of the baseball kingdom.

That’s why older guys like Dusty Baker and John Farrell don’t have jobs right now. The old school way of doing things around here is on its way out, and the new generation is changing the way the game is played, dissected and celebrated, while making strides with every passing day. There’s a reason why the average age of a baseball fan is somewhere in the early 50’s. It’s because it’s the same as it was when those 50-something year old fans grew up watching it. Well, not for long.

We’ve got Fortnite celebrations on the bases, we’ve got bat-flips to the moon, we’ve got players showing emotion, we’ve got players showcasing their personalities, and dare I say it…we’ve got FUN in the game of baseball. Every year that goes by, more and more players who hate animated celebrations in baseball are headed off to pasture, as younger players who are all about it are making that next step towards the big leagues with a decent amount who are already there. And THAT, my friends, is good for the game.

What’s one of the biggest reasons why the NBA is as popular as it is right now? Marketable stars, a league that doesn’t care about highlight sharing on social media where essentially their entire target audience is, and a ton of viral content to go around.

Wake up, MLB. You have a shit ton of stars. You have even more on the way. They like to have fun. A large chunk of writers who cover your sport don’t like fun. You don’t like when your target audience tries to promote the fun that your players are having free of charge. In fact, you punish those who try to spread the gospel of baseball — shout out to that dude who blamed KFC for getting him deleted off Twitter, because he thought he was exempt from the same rules that everyone else has to abide by in regards to MLB’s social media sharing policy.

Step by step, brick by brick. Baseball is going to continue to usher in a new era — an era that likes to have fun, and an era in which fun is allowed to be had.