Whoa, That's Weird: Pablo Sandoval Pitched In A Real Live Baseball Game

I was going to blog this earlier but I was too busy engaging in a war with a parrot while simultaneously suffering multiple heart attacks due to years of poor health compounded by the fact that the Celtics were involved in a Game 7. I also figured WEEI Barstool Sports’ National Baseball Writer Jared Carrabis would be all over this one, especially considering his ongoing feud with Pablo, but here we are, just you and me, talking some sports late night on the weekend.

Stuff like this is what makes baseball great. I can’t even think of another sport that has an equivalent to a fielder taking the bump. Like if the Magic were down 50 and let Shaq run point for the fourth quarter, that doesn’t correlate even a little. An offensive lineman playing QB in a blowout would certainly be comical for a moment but he’d also probably just hand off three times and punt, not quite the same. Pablo Sandoval toeing the rubber and finessing a 1-2-3 inning in a late-April tilt against a division rival is high comedy.

Especially since… he was kinda dealing?

I’m not ready to anoint him the best pitcher in the Bay Area by any means but for a position player past his prime that was a little more sauce on his pitches than anyone ever expected. I mean, just at these faces soaking in this special moment:

PNG image-2572636675F7-1

PNG image-E7F018E45794-1

PNG image-E18B85E035D5-1

Look out Shohei Ohtani! There’s an older, heavier, worse version of you ready to take the west coast by storm one 69 mph pitch at a time.