The Yankees Win Their Seventh Game in a Row As Didi Gregorius Continues To Dominate The Sport Of Baseball With a Game-Winning Home Run

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What a baseball game. I just started writing this blog in the middle of the night and I’m way too fired up/out of breathe. Didi Gregorius, I mean what can we you even say at this point? The man is a monster at the plate and just continues to come up with big hit after big hit. He’s simply hitting everything thrown at him and we’re witnessing a month we may never see again. Tonight he picked up another three hits with the big blow coming in the 10th inning with a go ahead home run.

I’ve never seen a player, especially on the Yankees, get a curtain call on the road but that’s what happened to Didi tonight (shoutout to the irrelevant Angels fans). He’s now up to 10 homers and 30 RBIs in the month of April. The only Yankee to ever do that in the season’s opening month is Alex Rodriguez. Carrabis and Brian Kenny complained his OPS was lower on the road than at home (a stupid argument considering last year his road OPS was 180 points higher than at home) and all Didi did tonight was continue to mash regardless of the stadium. There’s no explanation for what he’s doing this month because no shortstop has ever accomplished it. Just when you think he can’t do anymore for this team he one-ups himself. Simply amazing.

I had to address the game-winning theatrics to start the blog, but man oh man was this game whacky. In the bottom of the 2nd inning my arch nemesis Shohei Ohtani stepped to the plate in his first at bat against the team he spurned during the winter. He took a 97 mph Luis Severino fastball in on the hands, turned on it, and sent it over the wall for a no doubter home run.

Obviously this was going to happen with how much shit I’ve talked. Hand up on that one. That’s on me. Ohtani’s spot in the order later came up in a big situation with two men on, but he was unable to hit after rolling his ankle at first earlier in the game.

Fast forward to the 6th inning where things really got weird. With two men on and one out Neil Walker drove a ball to deep right field. Both John Sterling and Michael Kay called this ball gone off the bat, but Kole Calhoun made an outstanding play to rob the Yankees first baseman. Didi tagged from third to score the Yankees go ahead run while Stanton tagged from second. The throw came into second where Andrelton Simmons stepped on second just in case Stanton left early. The umpire proceeded to call Stanton out which set off all kinds of confusion on the field. Here is a freeze frame look of the moment Calhoun made the leaping catch. Notice both runners are clearly still on the bag.

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The inning was over and no one knew if Didi’s run counted as we headed to commercial break. Aaron Boone said after the game he was so concerned with Didi’s run counting that he ran out of time to challenge Stanton leaving early. WHAT?!? Replay would show that Stanton came nowhere close to tagging early and should have been safe at third. When the throw originally came into second Andrelton Simmons had his foot slightly off the bag. If his foot was touching initially then the throw would have beaten Didi scoring at home and the game would have remained tied. Alright so how confusing was all that? And Aaron Boone just didn’t challenge a thing. Bananaland. Boone took this on the chin after the game but jeez louise that was hard to watch as he just stood there.

After a two run triple by Andrelton Simmons the Angels took a 3-2 lead into the 8th. I want to say real quick Luis Severino was very good once again. He made really one mistake all game and that was the triple to Simmons. Ohtani’s home run was on a very good pitch and you can’t fault Severino for that. You just tip your cap to Shohei for getting his hands in enough to extend on a 97 mph fastball. Aside from those two at bats, he was great, going seven strong striking out eight while walking just one and keeping his pitch count in control all game. Severino closes the book on a strong month of April, going 3-1 with a 3.08 ERA, along with 35 strikeouts and just 8 walks. . He’s picked up right where he left off last season.

Aaron Hicks led off the 8th inning with a walk, but Judge and Didi were quickly retired. That brought up Giancarlo Stanton and he hit a ball to the moon according to Michael Kay. A big fuck you to the camera man tonight who panned to the actual moon where he expected Stanton’s fly ball to land. What a cocktease for everyone watching at home or listening in the car to Sterling go bananas.


The result? An inning ending fly out caught at the wall. My heart jumped out of my chest and fell on the floor. That was it right? The winning streak would finally end after a crazy Thursday win against the Twins? Our luck had run out? Right? Wrong.

Gary Sanchez led off the 9th inning with a leadoff walk on a very good at bat that saw the count run full. With Tyler Austin’s four game suspension kicking in, the Yankees were left with a shortened bench of Austin Romine and Brett Gardner. I, without a doubt, would have pinch ran Gardner here for the heavy footed El Gary. Boone opted not to and after a Neil Walker strike out, Miguel Andujar stepped to the plate and ripped another extra base hit down the left field line. Gary Sanchez ran as hard as he possibly could around the bases trying to score. He made a huge turn at third, but smartly put on the breaks. The throw came home and would have had Gary out by a mile had he try to gamble. If Gardner had been running I think he scores easy to be honest. Gary almost strayed too far off third, as he was a bit indecisive about what he wanted to do. If he had gotten thrown out I would have set my house on fire. Gleyber Torres was issued his first intentional walk of his career which loaded the bases for Ronny Torreyes. Boone went to the bench this time for the veteran Brett Gardner. Gardy put together a professional at bat and did exactly what was asked, hitting a line drive to left that was plenty deep to score Sanchez and tie the game.

To start the bottom of the 9th Boone eliminated the DH, moving Andujar to 3rd. If this game went any further and the DH spot came up, the pitcher would have had to hit. Thankfully we didn’t get to that situation, but man Boone dodged a bullet with that one. Overall it was a pretty shaky game from him, but it worked out so it’s tough to complain I guess. At the end of the day the Yankees have won seven games in a row. They’ve got a 2009 feel to them already where they are never out of a baseball game. Meanwhile the Red Sox lost at home to the Tampa Bay Rays with Carrabis in attendance. What a way to start this tough stretch for the Yanks, let’s keep it going tomorrow night with Tanaka on the bump.

I was so fired up writing this blog I called into WFAN to JJ after Dark to talk to my pal John Jastremski. We had JJ on The Short Porch on Thursday and it was a great episode. Give it a listen as you wait around for the game to start at 9:00.