The Wizards Lost And Continue To Stink Stink Stink

Amen, Markief! The Wizards (the 8 seed) proved the best team doesn’t always win. As they say, the NBA playoffs are just unpredictable. Nevermind Scotty Brooks is a ding dong and Ernie is possibly the worst GM in all of basketball. And nevermind the team is all Wall, Beal, and nothing else at all, it’s really just a shame the best team won. I can’t believe a team that lets the cotton candy vendor from section 115 play 25 minutes a game lost. We’ll get em next year!

To keep it short and quick for right now, I’ve blogged about how fucking historically TERRIBLE the Wizards/Bullets franchise is. It’s inching into Cleveland Browns terrible. And I swear to fucking god if we waste John Wall in his prime it will be the biggest crime against humanity in world history. Figure it out Ted. Get rid of Ernie, get rid of Scotty Ding Dong, and figure out how to not absolutely suck.