The Super Bowl Champions Select TE Dallas Goedert But David Akers Stole The Show By Going ALL IN On Dallas Scum

OOOOO KILL ‘EM! The all-time points leader for the Birds better have some damn fine security in the Lone Star State. Or maybe the Dallas crowd can appreciate a good trollin’ after being top dick in the NFC East over the past, well, forever up until DVD’s made an appearance. Love Akers lifting up his left leg, again, and pissing all over the Cowboys. After Drew Pearson went all in on the Eagles last year, maybe Chris Boniol will one day have a rebuttal going all in on both teams before shanking one final boot off the uprights.

As for Dallas, I dig it. Trading up and cucking Dallas (the team) out of their replacement for Witten after the TE announced he’s moving on makes it even sweeter. Zach Ertz is 27. Guess how old Brent Celek was when Ertz was selected in the 2nd round out of Stanford? 27. Time is a flat circle. Love the reloading instead of rebuilding mentality. Stay hungry, young dog.