I Forgot To Blog How Happy I Am DJ Moore Was Taken In The First Round By The Panthers So I Am Right Now

All dang day I knew there was something I was forgetting to blog, and I couldn’t figure it out. It’s like when you can’t find your car keys or you heard that song in a commercial for a new movie coming out and you find yourself humming the same lyric over and over but you’re not sure what it is. That’s how I was today. Last night I was overwhelmed with the Caps losing and the Redskins making a good draft pick I decided to blog about DJ Moore today, and then I totally forgot! D’oh! But good news is I’m blogging it right now. Literally right now as I type these here words with the keys on my MacBook Pro, I am blogging how happy I am that DJ Moore went in the first round to the Panthers.

DJ Moore, in one word, is AWESOME. What he was able to do at Maryland while working with a buffet of quarterbacks (8 in 3 years) was very similar to my favorite football player of all time, Stefon Diggs, accomplished. We all know how that story goes, he tragically slipped to the 5th round despite being obviously so freaking freakishly talented and has made every other team pay since. GMs were not going to do the same with Moore, who did everything and more this last season, catching 80 balls for 1033 yards and 8 TDs, including a 210 yard game vs Northwestern.

Here’s a little taste of what DJ (no periods between the letters) can do:

Quite possibly the worst play by play call ever on that ridiculous catch and run.


He is so good at making people miss:


Cam’s gotta be real happy with this pick. Looking forward to watch DJ light the league on fire in the upcoming season.