Patiently Waiting For Akers To Kick Back At Dallas After Pearson's Trolling In Philly Last Year


For the 2nd to 7th rounds of the NFL Draft, teams can select someone other than Roger Goodell (more like Roger Bad-smell, amiright?!) to announce their picks. Last year when the draft was held in Philadelphia, the Cowboys took advantage and sent Drew Pearson up to the podium for round 2. Before he announced pick 60, (cornerback Chidobe Awuzie), he went into WWE heel mode to troll the City of Brotherly Sports Rage.

It sent the audience into a classic Philly frenzy and Jerry Jones was delighted; his face – nothing but wrinkles and teeth for miles. You hate to see it.

jerry jones

“How bout them cowboys? I wanna thank the Eagles fans for allowing me to have a career in the NFL. On behalf of the 5 time world champion Dallas Cowboys, Hall Of Fame Owner Jerry Jones, Gene Jones and the Jones family, coach Jason Garrett, all the players that played before me, that played with me, that played after me….”


That is an all-time great pick announcement. I am standing and apploading. Drew Pearson soaking in the hate and spittin’ it back!

Well I’m hoping for another all-time great pick announcement tonight. With the Eagle’s 52nd pick (update: now 49th) fast approachin’ in round 2, I’m interested to see what our announcer, David Akers, will do. Dawkins seems like a better to pick for clappin’ back, but maybe Akers will give Dallas fans a good kick in the pants. If he doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity to troll on the heels of our Super Bowl win, I’ll be very disappointed, ’cause I’m here watching the draft for two things and two things only: fun suit styles and drama.