Matt Lauer Speaks Out For The First Time

Wash Post — “I have made no public comments on the many false stories from anonymous or biased sources that have been reported about me over these past several months… I remained silent in an attempt to protect my family from further embarrassment and to restore a small degree of the privacy they have lost. But defending my family now requires me to speak up.

“I fully acknowledge that I acted inappropriately as a husband, father and principal at NBC. However I want to make it perfectly clear that any allegations or reports of coercive, aggressive or abusive actions on my part, at any time, are absolutely false.”

Matt Lauer has released a statement for the first time since being ousted from NBC for sexual harassment allegations.

Speaking of Matt Lauer, Francis and I met him last summer. What happened was we were invited out to Sebonack Golf Club to continue our successful run of perpetuating the stereotypes surrounding our educational background and we accepted. It was a rainy morning, so we grabbed breakfast during the one hour delay. I got the eggs benedict with a little pro tweak: crispy bacon instead of ham. Delicious.

I believe Francis ordered just egg whites and chose to option a chair. Instead he hovered in a full squat hold straight through breakfast and told us repeatedly how much he could squat. We were impressed.

After eating they opened up the range. We walked down that way and as we approached, Matt Lauer and Michael Phelps were preparing to warm up on the range. We made eye contact. Matt Lauer immediately took off his hat, looked us in the eye, shook our hands and introduced himself. Really nice guy.

You can imagine our shock and disappointment when the allegations poured in. You think you know a guy.

Anyway, Matt Lauer spoke out for the first time since being fired. Not sure it matters what he says — tough to ever come back from this.