Jimmy Kimmel Reminds Baker Mayfield He's Going To Cleveland and Baker Reminds Us He's Not Johnny Manziel

One of the biggest questions leading up to the draft this year was answered last night. And it was answered in a hurry.

Even though the news trickled out from various NFL sources during the day, there were still questions on whether teams saw Baker Mayfield as too much of a risk… a la Johnny Manziel.

But there was no guessing if Baker Mayfield’s off-the-field antics were going to affect him. With the number one overall pick, the Cleveland Browns took Heisman winner Baker Mayfield, who was hours away from Cowboys Stadium with his family and his incredibly attractive girlfriend.

Statement made: They don’t think he’s Johnny Manziel.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 12.51.47 PM

And according to his conference call this morning, he doesn’t think he should have to prove that anymore.

“For me, I’m here right now because I have been myself. Johnny and I are two completely different people. That is nothing against him, but what I have been able to do is be able to be up front and honest about who I am during these meetings. I’m confident that I have shown that with this coaching staff and with the management and throughout the process. For me, moving forward, it is just being myself. I am not going to go out and try to prove that I am not Johnny. I am going to be myself. To me, that is going to take care of the rest.

Now, Baker will have to prove that he’s more worthy of the Russell Wilson and Drew Brees comparisons in a city that is known to not be kind to QB careers.


By the way, there’s no way anybody is actually excited about playing in Cleveland. Being number one overall is a dream come true, of course. But it’s still the 0-16 Browns. But most mainstream sports media won’t say that to his face, right? But Jimmy Kimmel took one for the team last night and it was awesome.

“The good news is you only have to beat zero wins to improve the team next year.”

Savage. More interviews like this please.