Mason Ramsey, The Yodeling Boy, Released A Single Called "Famous"

I haven’t weighed in on Mason Ramsey because I wasn’t sure if the internet would forget him, turn on him, or post pictures of him groping a breast and sick the MeTooers on him. But he is sitting atop a wave right now, and he’s building himself a flotilla of lifeboats to jump to once people get sick of his yodel song. Just today, he released “Famous,” his first single, and I have to say… it’s decent. The kid has talent after all. Good tune, solid voice. We’ll see how he handles puberty when his vocal range drops in conjunction with his balls and his voice cracks in front of 40,000 people, but for now, I’m rooting for him.

The lyrics to “Famous” are hysterical. The song is cockier than a ’90s rap ballad. Here’s the chorus:

If I’m gonna be famous for somethin’
I wanna be famous for lovin’ you
If I’m gonna be known around the world
I wanna because of you, girl
Nothin’ wrong with the center of attention
Long as I’m with you, I don’t mind the pictures
If I’m gonna be famous for somethin’
Girl, I wanna be famous for lovin’ you
Famous for lovin’ you

Kid is eleven and he’s talking about how he doesn’t mind the pictures or being known around the world, provided that his girlfriend is by his side. What the fuck? Who is this chick? Some girl he met in gym?

You can bet when I hear, “Congratulations”
Want it to be because we made it
Another five years
Best thing I got is right here

Dude, in another 5 years, you’ll either be completely forgotten or you’ll be 16 and famous like Bieber. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to trade in that dopey fingerpainter for a Disney channel superstar like Selena. Don’t make plans for five years from now dude. Let life happen naturally and, once you feel ready, start banging everything in sight. You never know when the next 11-year-old yodeling boy will pipe up in a Home Depot and take your place.

In that video, you can see all these grown adults playing backup instruments for Mason. Can you imagine spending your entire life grinding in coffee shops and open mics, establishing yourself as a reliable and talented musician, playing backup for big names and acts that you admire, only to find yourself strumming behind this child? A child famous for a 30-second clip that was shot on an iPhone in a WalMart, which was then remixed into the hottest EDM banger of the year? If I’m that backup guitarist, it would take everything within me to not bash my instrument over his head and strangle him with the broken strings. But I guess a paycheck is a paycheck.

Congrats to Mason. Here’s hoping his career continues to blossom. I don’t hate it one bit.