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This Video Of Todd Bowles Calling Sam Darnold After The Jets Drafted Him Is So Goddamn Weird Yet Funny

I’ve watched this video at least 20 times since last night and it makes me laugh every single time. Is Todd Bowles a real living person? Is he just a football robot designed to look like Bunny Colvin? Did the Jets forget to tape their phone call with Sam Darnold and just try to make one up on the fly? Because that felt like a parody video the entire time with everyone being fed their lines and trying to act like normal humans. From Bowles talking about meeting Darnold again so soon to Christopher Johnson dropping a “Man oh man” while trying to hide his disappointment and the Baker Mayfield Jets jersey the franchise printed weeks ago to Darnold looking like he either wanted to die or eat something without the ESPN cameras seeing it. Richie probably summed this video up best.

God I love the Jets. Part of me hopes that Darnold is good because the Jets being bad sucks when you are at a place that doesn’t have Sunday Ticket or Red Zone Channel and there is no Giants or national game on the other channel. But part of me doesn’t want to live with the Giants passing on a stud QB that plays for the other team at MetLife. This video doesn’t mean Darnold’s career will go one way or the other, but the fact that the Jets first video with him seems like an SNL skit from a Redbox call center is a reminder that the Goddam Jets will likely always be the Goddam Jets as long as they exist.