NFL GMs Strutting Around Making Calls To The Players Are Such Dorks

What a bunch of nerds. Cleveland was probably the worst. “Mr. Dorsey.” Get the fuck outta here, Mr. Dorsey. Introduce yourself as John Dorsey, the GM of the Browns. When you’re important and you dont act like you are, it makes people respect you more.

Like my good friend Shad Khan of the Jaguars. He doesn’t introduce himself as Mr Khan. He says, “Hey Chaps, you handsome mother fucker. I’m Shad. Welcome to my owner’s box. Would you care for bacon wrapped prawns?”

“Of course I would, Mr. Khan.”

That’s how it should go.

I need to see videos of Baker calling Mr. Dorsey “Johnny Boy” and slapping him in the ass with a towel when he walks by. Just haze the shit out of “Mr. Dorsey.”

Also, hay is for horses, John. Stop grazing when you are on the phone. It’s rude.