I Don't Know If I Should Be Impressed or Concerned About Hubbs' Friend Having a Homemade 200 Page Browns Draft Binder?

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Absolutely outrageous move.  Honestly I don’t know if I should be impressed or fire Hubbs on the spot for associating with such psychopaths.  A 200 page, 10 tab typed, bound and laminated binder with complete scouting reports on everyone in the draft – no, not for Hue Jackson.  For him to sit on the couch and watch at home.  An astonishingly intense level of dedication from a super fan.  But, again – a definite red flag from a sanity standpoint.


If this kid doesn’t have a front office job with the Browns by next year’s draft they really are the most incompetent franchise in sports.

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[Shout out big time Stoolie and possible psychopath Ryan]