The New York Jets Draft Blunders Video Takes Us Into NFL Draft Night

There are a handful of classic videos that are woven into the fabric of the internet and have to be played on certain days. The Alabama Leprechaun video is a Must Watch on St. Patrick’s Day. Reliving the glorious Tommy Cheeseballs episode of MTV True Life is how every warmblooded American should kick off every Memorial Day Weekend. And of course the Jets Draft Blunders video is appointment viewing before the first round of the NFL Draft. Nothing beats Pete Rozelle’s nasally delivery as he twists the dagger into the hearts of Jets fans over and over, sometimes with a pause, sometimes with a smile. I can recite the names without even watching the video. Johnny Lam Jones. Freeman McNeil. Ken O’Brien. Jeff Lageman. Kyle Brady.

But the real stars of this video are the guys the Jets didn’t take. Namely Dan Marino and Warren Sapp. Marino just hangs as a ghost over the video while Warren Sapp is seen before the Jets chose him for future Hall of Famer Pro Bowler 2007 Patriot Kyle Brady. Oh yeah and the Jets fan that is rocking old school Redskins colors for some unknown reason.


I don’t have any hate in my hearts for the Jets or their fans. But this guy saying “Obviously the Jets know something that the people up here don’t” after they took Ken O’Brien over Dan Marino and Mel Kiper saying that the Jets don’t understand what the draft’s all about will make me laugh even on my darkest day.