That Viral Twitter Thread About Police Brutality, Which I Said Might Not Be True, Was Not True!

Earlier today, I blogged about this viral twitter thread that a lady wrote detailing a horrific experience her boyfriend had at the hands of the police. It was rife with details about police brutality, sobbing phone calls, and a heroic sheriff who hadn’t succumbed to the deep-seeded corruption within his precinct. If you didn’t read my blog, you should because of course it’s fantastic, but also because I called bullshit on the whole story. And guess what guys? I WAS FUCKING RIGHT! I DID IT! I exposed the truth! I planted the seed of doubt! I righted the incorrect internet’s wrongs!! Check this out:

Now, I’ll admit that my theory for why her story didn’t hold up was based on a completely different assumption–that her boyfriend was cheating on her. But that doesn’t change the fact that I was the first person in America to call bull crap on the story. I am excited and honored to accept my Pulitzer award for investigative journalism and I’d like to thank me for my service.