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I Have to Think Gronk is Trolling Belichick with This 'Pliability' Talk

So I start the week calling out Rob Gronkowski on behalf of Patriots fans everywhere for that weird, tone deaf, painfully unfunny bike race press conference. A day or two later, he announces that enough is enough, he’s stopping the nonsense, told his coach he’s playing in 2018, all systems are go. ” I have been working out, staying in shape and feel great. Looking forward to another championship run,” he said. And all is right with the world. Our long, national regional nightmare is over. I’m glad he listened to me and his fan base, came to his senses and now we can all move on. Lessons learned. Bygones are now officially gone by.

And now, this. It’s not enough to just do a pump up video to announce he’s back and remind his public what they love about him. He’s got to ham-handedly wedge in this stuff about pliability. Clumsily. And repeatedly. Pli-a-fucking-bility. The mantra of TB12. The holy scripture to this odd little cult most Pats fans just want to forget about. And the one (reportedly) major contentious issue that has (allegedly) driven a wedge between the coach and his most important players.

I don’t doubt for one hot second that this pliability stuff is important to Gronk. As I’ve said before, the Gronkowski family undoubtedly has major problems with the Patriots former team doctor who had to go inside him more than the guy from “Operation.” And it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if there wasn’t some discussion about the philosophical difference between an old school head coach who’s been in the business of getting players physically ready for football since 1975 and his tight end who’s buying into a New Age method that last season appeared to work for him.

That’s fine. But does he honestly have to post videos about it? I mean, “Pliability” isn’t some sugary liquid caffeine drink that’s paying him to mention its name. So the only reason to keep yapping about it is to keep the argument going, public, and talked about, instead of keeping this bullshit in house the way the team has always done it. And always won while doing it.

Hopefully, this is it. That this gets it out of his system so things can go back to the way they were. I just know that if I never hear this particular P-word coming out of another Patriots player’s mouth again it’ll be too soon. Seriously, Gronk. I love ya. Now cut the shit and let’s regain our focus here.