Président de la République Française Emmanuel Macron Hugged The Ever-loving Shit Out Of Civil Rights Leader John Lewis

What a hug. Fuckin, Emmanual. He broke the bro hug rule. In friendship mode, there’s hug rules. When you embrace, it can feel nice. Take Trent or Clem for example. You hug those guys and you wanna be wrapped up for a long time. You enjoy the full embrace. Not everyone wants that long ass hug. John Lewis clearly didnt. He’s seen too much shit to be giving this kinda hug for a photo op. He wants to get the fuck outta there.

“But Chaps, how do you know John Lewis hated the hug? Do you know John Lewis? Does he call you at home?”

Thanks for asking. We can all learn a little something here. It’s called body language. John Lewis did the slow tap on the high shoulder twice. If you rub the hand on the shoulder, continue the hug. If someone taps, MMA rules are in effect. Otherwise, you look like the French President and no red-blooded American wants to end up making crepes for breakfast. We eat waffles, bitch. (or pancakes. Im a waffle guy though).