Is Kim Jung-Un Bringing His Own Toilet With Him Wherever He Goes The World's Biggest Power Move?

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(source)– Kim Jong-Un will be bringing a number of high-ranking North Korean officials, guards from his Escort Command and his wife Ri Sol-ju and sister Kim Yo-jong may make appearances. He will also be bringing a toilet. Whenever he travels, the North Korean leader always brings his own toilet. Not just one. He has a number of toilets in different vehicles in his motorcade.

The South Korean-based Daily NK reports that “the restrooms are not only in Kim Jong-un’s personal train but whatever small or midsize cars he is traveling with and even in special vehicles that are designed for mountainous terrain or snow”.

You know how people talk about “fuck you money”. When you get so rich that you can buy and sell anything you want at a moment’s notice. Well I think this is the new pinnacle of “fuck you money” (mixed with a pinch of horrendous authoritarian dictatorship). You can spin it anyway you want in your head but the fact remains, your home toilet trumps all other toilets. It may not even be a nice toilet but its yours. Like a basketball team knowing the dead spots on their home floor, you know your toilet inside and out. You know which way to lean, you know the average temperature, how many flushes you need to hit, the waterflow, the splashback, all of it. So being able to play only home games when it comes to shitting is the crem de la crem of power. You may not like Kim Jong Un for his nuclear weapons or the fact that he starves millions of people or that he murders people on a regular basis, but you have to at least respect him on this. We should all aspire to a level of power that allows us to travel with our personal toilet. Dreamboard that shit.

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