Screw London: Reports Are Swirling That Our Beloved Jaguars Might Be Leaving Jacksonville

Man, Jaguars fans have had to fight this rumor for years. YEARS. And when things finally start to get good for the franchise again, this news drops on draft day. For the first time in nearly a decade, the Jaguars don’t pick in the top 10. They’ve spent the past 5 in the Top 5. I was settled in on not really caring about anything that happens in the draft because the Jags were picking 29th. It felt good.

Luke Joeckel wasn’t walking through that door. Dante Fowler wasn’t walking through that door. For the first time in years, I didnt spend hours watching youtube clips of quarterbacks and top prospects. It didn’t really matter. I don’t think the 1st rounder will even start this year so I’ve been wholly uninvested.

Let’s be clear on something though. Wembley is a top-flight stadium in the world. In fact, it might be the first stadium name that most American sports fans think of when they are asked about stadiums overseas. Shad Khan is rich as fuck. If he wants to buy a premier stadium, that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

Hell, I remember a few years ago when Shad bought Fulham. At the time, Fulham was in the EPL. He made the purchase in all cash. Earlier that month, he bought a yacht that cost more than Fulham.


The Jaguars are set to play in London for the foreseeable future. The franchise has been pretty clear that a large chunk of the revenue comes from the one game that they play in London per year. As a businessman, why wouldn’t you chose to play at least 10 games a year, including pre-season, there a year instead of Jacksonville? From a business perspective, London makes sense. Hopefully, with billions in his pockets, he will choose to be a god in Jacksonville instead of just another rich guy in London.

Make no mistake about it, though. If the Jaguars were to ever leave Jacksonville, I would be crushed. The Jacksonville being awarded the Jaguars is possibly my most vivid childhood memory. Hearing news that makes the move to London sound more likely, even in the face of hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrades for the current Jaguars stadium, ruined my sports month.