Little Kid Goes Viral For Calling "Game" Seconds Before LeBron's Game Winner

A lot of great sports on TV last night. You had the Bruins beat the Leafs in game seven, OKC avoided elimination thanks to Westbrook’s 45/15/7, and of course, the LeBron James buzzer beater. (Check out Greenie’s blog for a full breakdown). I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not. Every year around this time he turns it on and there’s not anything anyone can do about it. Last night he had 44/10/8 and that wasn’t even the biggest story of the game. It was the buzzer beater which was subsequently upstaged by this kid. Could he have rewound the DVR and faked the whole thing? Possibly- but I’m going to assume it’s authentic based on the reaction. He looked like a little Steph Curry the way he turned around.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 7.50.01 AM

The only thing that would’ve made it more cocky is if he added “bitch” after “game.” Regardless, it doesn’t matter if you’re the greatest player in the world or a nine-year-old kid in your living room, when you call game and hit it’s the greatest feeling in the world. LeBron’s made something like twenty-two buzzer beaters so he knows the feeling, but chances are it’s this kid’s first time. So congrats you little puke. Enjoy your fifteen minutes.