Putting 22 People On A Flimsy Dock For Wedding Pictures? What Could Possibly Go Wrong


CROSSLAKE, Minn. — A group of 22 people lined up to take photos before a wedding in Minnesota over the weekend. The group decided to take pre-wedding photos on a boat dock. You can guess what happened next. Videographer Megan Frize caught it all on video and posted the clip to Vimeo.



Hey guys, it was kind of a long winter no? I mean it was bad in Chicago so I know it was bad in Minnesota. Maybe sticking 22 fat people on a flimsy dock wasn’t the smartest idea. Just a thought.




If I could give one piece of advice to Stoolies who are in their mid to late 20’s it’s to never be good enough friends with a person where you have to be in their wedding party. It’s the fucking WORST. You have to rent a tux, you have to take pictures, you have to attend the rehearsal dinner and can’t get drunk all weekend and it’s all so fucking pointless. So just stay in that range where you’re everyone’s 10-20th best friend and you’ll be good. Close enough to go the bachelor party, not close enough to be in the wedding party, that right there is the sweet spot.



h/t Pauly