Jon Lester Is Officially Turning Into A Crafty Vet: Cubs Fall To Tribe 4-1

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Cubs lose 4-1 and that stinks but we can’t dwell on it. I’ll take a 1-1 split in Cleveland all day. I’m just a tad/little/extremely nervous that Kris Bryant sat out again and there isn’t much solid reports other than Joe Maddon speculating to the press that he’s doing okay in the long-run. Whatever that means. I think this has stink all over it. If he was totally fine he’d be playing.I think that’s pretty fair, no? And the fact he isn’t totally fine is  p o t e n t i a l l y  related to brain trauma. So pardon me for wanting more details on this development.

Let’s get to some game notes from tonight.

Lester Looked Great

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Lester gave up 3 runs on 3 dingers. Not to be dramatic but I think he pitched a hell of a game and those were just about the only mistakes. He’s transitioning into crafty status this year. Not quite there yet but it’s clear he’s turning the corner on power-lefty to crafty-vet. And tonight was classic crafty-vet Lester. His fastball/cutter/slider ménage à trois was on point for most of the evening. I’m not thrilled Joe let him go 107 pitches, but 16 came in the 7th and at that point you think it’s worth to give the bullpen rest with 8 games left in this 10 game stretch. So there’s some push and pull on leaving him out there, but my general tendency would be to take out the #1 pitcher in cold weather etc. blah blah blah. I’m sure they know something I don’t, but 107 pitches is a lot of fucking pitches. Someone smarter than me that works for the Cubs in a decision-making capacity should probably defend that move.

Javy y Francisco had a pretty cool moment:

Hope all the salty baby boomer baseball writers are soaking this one up. A couple of young flashy non-caucasians playing All Star caliber baseball, having a blast, being role models, giving guys like me boners. This is what it’s all about. Baseball is awesome.

Almora is so sweet

Major league baseball won’t let me embed the video because they suck at this kind of stuff. But he made a nice catch, and he’s made a lot of them lately and it’s starting to become a thing that makes me feel A LOT better about this team. Dexter was a great player, but no one was confusing him with being a sweet centerfielder. Almora is that guy. Few are. It’s cool to watch someone play with as much natural swag and confidence. I’ll update this blog for when MLB drops their panties on the post-game embed code. Sorry we can’t enjoy this highlight quite yet.

That’s pretty much it

I know. Pathetic game offensively. Baez stayed hot going 2-4 but really there’s not much to celebrate or belabor with this one. Trevor Bauer looked awesome, much to my chagrin, which is how you spell that word. Up next is a 4 game series at home against the Brewers followed by 3 more home games with Colorado. I feel like the Cubs play the Brewers 100 times a year so no surprises with this series. It’s Hendricks-Q-Darvish-Chatwood opposite 4 average white guys from Milwaukee. I like the Cubs as heavy favorites but don’t listen to me I’m extremely biased. Go Cubs.