Lebron James Just Saved The Cavs Season Twice In The Final 15 Seconds

Indiana Pacers v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game FiveJesus Christ Lebron James is something else. Corny as hell, but the best basketball player on the fucking planet. What a sequence to end this game. First he dribbles it off his foot out of bounds to give the Pacers a chance to steal this game after trailing for most of the second half. Then he made this defensive play

This was basically like his block in GS only it wasn’t in the Finals. When will people learn you can’t go up soft with Lebron lurking? Then on the ensuing possession, chaos

It reminded me of the game winner he made against Orlando in 2009.

Hate him all you want, but the dude is nails. If the Cavs go down 3-2 to IND, the series is very much in jeopardy. Now? No chance the Cavs drop it. Think of all the things that shot impacted from the Cavs playoff run to Lebron’s potential departure this summer. Even as a Lebron hater, I can tip my cap when I witness greatness, and that’s exactly what this was.

If you’re the Pacers, look you had your chance, I think you live with Lebron taking that shot, and really this is how the series has gone. Outside of Game 1, every game has been decided by 4 points or less. I’m sure the Pacers are deflated, but at least they get to return home to try and force a Game 7. Maybe if they didn’t start the second half in a coma things would have been different. Instead they gave Lebron a chance, and when you do that it usually doesn’t work out well.

Man this year’s playoffs have fucking ruled and it’s ONLY the first round.