Wake Up With Barry Bonds Hitting A Mammoth Home Run Into The Third Deck At RFK Stadium

For my money, Barry Bonds is the best baseball player ever. Hall Of Fame even without steroids. Guy was an absolute animal with the sweetest swing you’ll ever see. Bonds knew he was getting MAYBE 1 pitch a SERIES to hit, chances are he was putting that ball on the moon. He also may be the most intimidating player to ever step in the batters box. That huge elbow pad, the cross earring, the fact that with the flick of his wrists he could put a ball on Mars, he was a created video game player (Jon Dowd).

This was career home run #706 for Bonds and it was an absolute monster shot. 15 rows up in the third deck at any stadium is just hilarious. Guy acts like it was just another day at the park, puts his head down and runs. Livan Hernandez knew it was gone the second it touched the bat too. Pitchers reactions were the best against Bonds too. I will never EVER get tired of watching Barry Bonds home run videos, that is my promise to you.


Note- I’m gonna be doing random MLB Wake Ups in the mornings. Hit me with any videos you want to see, they don’t all have to be moonshots and fights, random funny MLB videos will play as well. Giddy up.