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I'm Serious, If You're Not Using Supreme Golf To Book Tee Times You're Just A Dumb Person

Spring has finally arrived. It’s supposed to be BEAUTIFUL for the next infinity days which means it’s Golf SZN. I’ve lived in New York City for nearly two years now; it’s an absolute war to play golf. It’s a cluster. Not only is it impossible to get anywhere but you don’t even know where you’re trying to go. It’s not a golf place it’s a trash pile behind skyscraper behind trash pile place. Anytime I’ve wanted to play I’ve either had to sit on my hands with no clue where to begin or reluctantly take invites to the Winged Foots of the world because people want to play with my weird ass.

So let’s say you’ve decided you want to play golf but you don’t have a tee time. Now what?

Enter Supreme Golf. I am not kidding when I tell you that you’re just a dumb person if you don’t use Supreme to book tee times. Supreme Golf is the official tee time partner of Barstool Sports and Fore Play. Sure, you’ve heard of other sites but guess what — Supreme includes every single tee time app and website you’ve ever heard of plus thousands more, many at discounts. They’re literally the tee time aggregator of the tee time aggregators. Using something else to book tee times would be like using Tom Hanks’ wooden raft from Cast Away to sail to Europe for the weekend. It’s just dumb. We have airplanes.

If you play golf, immediately download the Supreme Golf app or go to the Supreme Golf website. They are the best and it’s not even close. Seriously it’s not even close.

Supreme Golf:

– The only place to see all the local tee time deals

– Largest tee time booking site in the world, literally double the courses of anyone else

– Millions of tee times at your fingertips

On, and here’s the best part.

Alerts: Supreme Golf allows me to set the price I want to pay for tee times. Quick example: Course I play typically costs $50 per round. On Supreme Golf’s website or app, I find the course I want to play, click add price alert (blue dollar sign), set how much I want to pay, and if the course ever offers a tee time at my price, boom they email me right away so I’m the first to book. It’s brilliant. Everybody knows the great deals get taken first, but not anymore. Not for you. Not for me. We set an alert for as many courses as we want and we’re good to go.

So here’s what you do. Go to your app store, search Supreme Golf, download Supreme Golf.




Or go to their website ( and look at how sexy and informative and efficient it is. And use it.


It’s just the best. Supreme Golf is the best. If you’re not using Supreme Golf to book tee times, you are a dumb person.