Kanye West FINALLY Explains Why He Loves Trump

Ahhhh finally! All makes sense now. Been wondering for years how and why someone like Kanye West came to support Donald Trump. Just didn’t seem to add up. Didn’t seem to be the right fit. Kanye the rapper is visiting… Trump Tower? He’s boys with… Donald Trump? Weird.

But now it’s all so obvious. Dragon energy. They are both dragon energy. Most people don’t know this but if you mix that with Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood you actually get Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The more you know.

PS — Hello Kanye, just want to say I believe you’re actually SPOT ON with some of this stuff.

I don’t agree with everything anyone does.

The idea of agreeing with every single thing someone else believes or says or that some party aligns itself with is crazy. No one agrees with every single thing anyone else agrees with.

Wait, we can respectfully disagree with others? Nuts!

And then in traditional Kanye fashion, he goes on and on and on…