Tennis Ball Boy With The Best "I'm Totally Fine" Recovery Of All Time

Talk about bounce back ability. This is what you need out of your ball boy. A full blown face plant on the wall and he doesn’t even stay down long enough for the tennis player to notice. That’s putting the game ahead of yourself. Sacrificing your body for this thrilling first round match of the Barcelona Open or whatever the fuck this game is. Give Tennis Ball Boy Gruden Grinder of the week, he deserves it.

I went down a rabbit hole of ball boy fuck ups and it’s amazing how serious they take their job. They’re like the royal guard. They don’t even flinch when a ball comes at them. They just eat it and pretend to be ok. It’s absolutely fascinating.

Ball Boy taking 154 mph of the dick.

Ball girl taking one off the girl dick, no flinch.

This fucking kid is SMILING! Basically saying thank you sir may I have another.