Plan The Parade! Wawa Was Voted America's Favorite Sandwich Shop


Business Insider – It is a momentous day for the Wawa fans.

The East coast chain broke records to become the first convenience store to be voted the best sandwich shop in the US in Market Force Information’s annual survey of nearly 11,500 consumers – beating major players such as Jersey Mike’s and Firehouse Subs, last year’s winner…In the survey, Wawa scored highest on value and speed of service. Meanwhile, national chain Arby’s which has undergone a radical transformation since its new CEO Paul Brown took over in 2013, scored lowest in those categories, and was ranked in last place overall.

If you love Wawa, let me get a hell yeah! If you love Wawa, let me get a hell yeah!



The haters and the losers must be furious. This is something which the world has never seen before. A convenience store winning the coveted “Best Sandwich Shop In The Galaxy” award. Talk about a true underdog story. Think about all the powerhouse sandwich shops that have come before us. Firehouse Subs was a damn dynasty. And here comes little ol’ Wawa. Coming from humble beginnings in Delaware County. The Philly-based convenience store was never given a chance by the media. They had written off Wawa a long, long time ago. But hungry geese fly faster. And look at us now. World. Fucking. Champions.

And I’ll tell ya what, man. It’s not fluke. There’s nothing better after a long day of work than heading to my local Wawa and grabbing a couple of nice, warm hot dog sandwiches. Without a shred of doubt in the world, they’re the best sandwiches on the planet. But if you’re not interested in the hot dogs, here are my top 5 sandwiches to order from Wawa.

5. Meatball. It’s not something that you’d want to get every time. Maybe even just once a year. But you’ll love that annual Wawa meatball hoagie.

4. Literally any Sizzli

3. The Gobbler

2. Honey Roasted Turkey

1. Buffalo Chicken Strip Sandwich

Also–this isn’t sandwich related but I’m just here to spread the good word. Do NOT sleep on Wawa’s oatmeal. I don’t care if you’re an oatmeal person or not. Give it a go and it’ll change your world. Anyway, I’ll see everybody at the parade. It’ll start on Broad & Walnut. Then we’ll go up Broad to Chestnut and it’ll end at 13th & Chestnut. Instead of confetti, they’ll just be blasting TastyKakes off the floats.