University Of Utah Now Has A "Cry Closet" In Their Library For Students

cry closet

cry closet 1

My knee jerk reaction was to hate on this but I’ve got to be honest I think I would cry in the cry closet. I’m not a big cry guy but when someone takes the time to create a cry closet with a set of cry rules in the middle of the library isn’t it rude to not shed a few tears in there? It would be like going over to someone’s house for a party and refusing to have any drinks/food. That’s as rude as rude gets. So yeah University of Utah, I’m in on this. Sometimes a guy needs to let out a good hard cry when they’re in the middle of a study session. Sometimes you lose focus and the only way to get it back is to let those tears flow. Sometimes you’re procrastinating on the internet and your mind wanders and you watch a video on private mode that gets you super upset and the only remedy is tears. Sometimes you’re bullshitting on instagram and you happen upon an ex girlfriend’s page and just want to cry really hard about how beautiful she is and how much you miss your relationship. And that my friends is what the cry closet is for, let’s get our cry on. #CryClosetUofU


Just so we’re all on the same page, that’s a jerk off closet.