California Gubernatorial Candidate Touts Himself As A "Democrat with a small d"

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.21.01 AM

The small dick candidate! Talk about pandering. Why vote for some big-dicked meathead when you can vote for a cute little small-dicked Democrat? No brainer. You know he’s going to come in blazing with that extreme Napoleonic complex too. So much to prove, so many agendas to push, so many inches to overcome. You can stupidly put some laid-back big D guy in there who’s never really had to work to get laid in his life, or get Tiny d Tony and watch him battle, grind, study, charm, meticulously plan every second just to have a chance. Tony just may be the small d white knight California’s been waiting for. He waves that small d flag proudly. It’s literally his slogan — “democrat with a small d.”

They tried the Governator, didn’t work. Now looking for the complete 180 with the Democrat with a small d.

h/t Matt