Hero In A Cowboy Hat Tackles An Armed Robber And Wrestles Him To The Ground

You won’t find a dumber robber in the history of robbers. You really won’t. There’s stupid criminals and then there’s that guy. Imagine trying to rob a place while a guy with a cowboy hat is in there. That’s the second biggest mistake a robber can make. There’s a billion grocery stores and gas stations in this country. Literally a billion. That robber could’ve walked two blocks in either direction and robbed a grocery store that didn’t have a guy with a cowboy hat in it. What an idiot. And then he turned his back on the guy wearing a cowboy hat? Yikes. That’s the single biggest mistake a robber can make. Death wish. Game over. Any guy who puts on a cowboy hat in the morning is a guy who is HOPE and PRAYING a situation arises where he has to be the hero. The day finally came for that fella and he delivered.

Low key the funniest part of the video was the butcher immediately shoving the gun into his pants

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 11.29.19 AM

LOL. Just like, “Yep I’m taking this.” You think there’s a serial number on that gun? NOPE. Those were filed off before the robbery started. That gun is up for grabs. Might as well take it.